A Moshav Comes of Age


There was a time when every moshav and kibbutz — Israel’s agricultural communities — was surrounded by verdant orange orchards, simple cow sheds and bustling chicken coops, all worked by community members who took turns picking oranges, milking cows and gathering eggs. It’s a scenario that has changed radically, particularly in the moshav movement which shed its farmhouse beginnings for a more upscale kind of pastoral living, turning barns and hen houses into upscale boutiques, sleek stores and organic cafes.

Rishpon, a lush moshav founded in the 1930s is located just north of Herzliya, was one of the first to take advantage of its empty storage sheds and chicken coops, as well as its central location in the country, close to the beach and the outskirts of Tel Aviv. These days, Rishpon homes, known as ‘estates,’ can run upwards of $4 million.

The local shops, natch, offer window-shopping options to match this upper-class set, from high-end outdoor furniture and hot tubs large enough for the entire clan, to stylish duds for the kids, designer clothing for women, funky jewelry and pricey but one-of-a-kind gifts.

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