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Frances House

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A traditional stone building, Frances House was once a one-family home, with a dome that is still visible when entering the downstairs foyer. The second floor and roof were added after the first World War, and there is also evidence of the 1927 earthquake in a stress line fracture on the first floor. According to a report from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency at the time of the quake, there was “not a house in Jerusalem or Hebron” that did not sustain some damage.

Photos by Rina Castelnuovo

Twice a year, Jerusalemites and Tel Avivians open their homes and significant buildings to the public for Batim Mibifnim, Houses from Within, part of the Open House Worldwide project. There’s a certain kind of pleasure derived from wandering through neighborhoods and into buildings and homes that you’ve noticed and considered. It’s not for peeping Toms or Tinas, but for those who admire architecture, relate to history, or just like wonderful homes.

These photos are from a regularly-featured Jerusalem House from Within, owned by a French-born Israeli, and located in Baka, a southern Jerusalem neighborhood with no lack of wonderful buildings to admire.

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