Denim Strings


Where else in the world can you throw on your most comfortable jeans, grab a beer in the lobby, and let the world’s most talented musicians melt your heart with their music? On May 1st 2013, over 2,500 music lovers took comfort in Tel Aviv’s latest cultural delicacy, the “Philharmonic in Jeans” series, held at the newly renovated Mann Auditorium.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra originated in 1936 as a haven for the Jewish musical masterminds of Europe. Today, the Orchestra is Israel’s musical ambassador worldwide, and plays a vibrant part in the country’s cultural enlightenment.  Famous musicians have graced the Israeli philharmonic stage, including Leonard Bernstein, Izhak Perlman, and Arthur Rubinstein, as have many celebrated orchestras, such as the Berlin Philharmonic, the London Symphony and the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Jeans series opened with famous violinist Julian Rachlin and talk show host Guy Pines from Channel 10!  And now, let’s discuss the “jeans” theme. When asked how the jeans idea was born, PR spokespeople chimed in that the Israeli philharmonic was determined to attract the hip, young scene of Tel Aviv’s cultural divas. “Classical music has been around for generations, and should be enjoyed by everyone, even the Britney Spears’ enthusiasts,” says Ben Gable, a Tel Aviv resident. Who can resist Bach and a beer? What better way to promote the symphony to a younger audience?

Demin-Strings-Article(Photo by Shay Skiff)

“After its yearlong facelift, the breathtaking Mann Auditorium is justly considered one of the most sophisticated cultural facilities in the world,” says Nathan Wolloch, Tel Aviv’s first deputy mayor.  Your visit to the philharmonic is not just a night out; it’s a mini vacation! This 21st century coliseum was created in glass and marble, and boasts a two-story lobby, which holds over 3,000 guests awaiting the concert. It doesn’t end there; no one goes hungry at the Israeli philharmonic! Only in Israel would you expect to find, not one, but five snack bars gracing the lobby. As a member of the audience you can enjoy anything from a bowl of hot soup before the show, or your favorite cheese cake and a delicious cappuccino during interval.

It’s not just the audience that savors this VIP status. If you sneak back stage, you may catch a glimpse of an entire floor laced in nine dressing and relaxation rooms, a single snack bar and luxury showers for the musicians to enjoy. This beautiful wing was built in memory of the well-known Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini.

Music is medicine for the mind, and the magic only happens in one place. Nothing will prepare you for the breathtaking sophistication of the music hall. A cascade of sloping wings and seats, the hall can fit up to 2,800 people comfortably, and every seat gives a flawless view of the stage. The hall is covered in Esche parquet, and you feel as if you are walking into a Disney fairy tale as you sit down to Mendelssohn or Tchaikovsky.

There is nothing better than music, munchies and philharmonic magic. So put on your jeans, visit Tel Aviv’s new musical heartbeat on the corner of Dizengoff and Huberman Streets, and learn why the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra touches the lives of so many people worldwide.