Praying for Rain

Red Umbrella

The air is bone dry, and people are hankering to wear sweaters, cuddle up under blankets and tuck into bowls of soup. But whether it’s global warming or some other reason, the rain hasn’t yet arrived, and it’s already early December in the seventh year of a continual drought.

Israel’s two chief rabbis called on the public to pray for rain, even going so far as to declare this Monday a day of fasting and prayer, asking the public to atone for the sins that are probably preventing the expected precipitation. They weren’t the only religious leaders to turn to prayer; a group of Jewish, Arab and Christian religious leaders gathered together recently on a Jerusalem hilltop to call to the heavens, even as Israeli meteorologists predict a dry season with a “little below average” rainfall.

But if you want to pray, here’s what the chief rabbis are suggesting you say: “With one heart, as one person, and [the prayers] shall rise to the will of our Father in the Sky, who will gush out His blessings upon us, with grace, benevolence and mercy.” And finally, say the environmentalists, whatever you do, conserve water.

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